CEO and Founder Caroline Eshak-Liuzzi, a Melbourne based Architect, established CATA, formally known as the Art Cabriolet, in July 2009. With the devastation of the Black Saturday Bushfires in 2009, CATA was posted at Marysville Primary School for three years where the organisation worked with 35 children/adolescents and built its ethos utilised today.  

Since then, the organisation has grown significantly, building substantial teams of Art Therapists, Placement Students, Artisans, Volunteers, Board Members and Staff Members.  

In the past ten years nineteen programs have been implemented across the states of Queensland and Victoria and reached 13,740 people braving physical, emotional or psychological trauma.  

CATA travels to the need offering a unique customised service to all its clients in both clinical and nonclinical populations.    CATA is the only NFP in Australia delivering Art Therapy service door to door. All clienteles are referred by government organisations and/or the private sector.  CATA has a 24 – 48-hour response time with zero rejection rate unless unsafe for either clientele or CATA teams to participate.