COVID-19 Response
Official Statement


May 2020

CATA’s top priority in the COVID-19 environment is the health and safety of our employees and communities we serve, including our clients, partners, and Art Therapists.  We have, as many businesses, set new guidelines, policies and procedures for our teams working face to face and online.  

CATA has taken the proactive decision to cease all programs but we will be back on deck in the coming days.

Our office staff are continuing to work, reshaping and rebuilding CATA while adhering to the social distancing recommendations.

We would like to thank all our clients, partners and Art Therapists for their understanding and cooperation during this challenging time.

In the meantime….

Be kind to one another, consider the elderly and be mindful when speaking about COVID-19 around children.

Many children are experiencing major disruptions to their daily routine.

Children process information differently to adults. Panic responses, negative outlooks and fear will impact your children.

Keep this in mind when talking to your children.


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