Svetlana Bykovec

Principal Arts Psychotherapist / Program Director/ Arts Therapy Supervisor

MA Therapeutic Arts Practice; BA.,Psychology; Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy; Grad Dip. Therapeutic Arts Practice; B.Holistic Counselling; Cert. AT Supervision; Cert. Advanced Focusing.

Svetlana is CATA's principal Arts Therapist responsible for researching, creating and facilitating Creative Art Therapy programs to support individuals and groups living with adverse experiences. Svetlana manages, co-ordinates and liaises between CATA's Arts Therapists and organisations collaborating with CATA such as Victorian hospitals, hospices, youth centres, schools and outreach support. Some of her most profound work is with end of life children and their families.

Svetlana is responsible for ensuring person-centred holistic approaches to service delivery by all CATA's qualified and trained Arts Therapists. She combines her knowledge, skills and training in the field of Art Therapy and Psychotherapy to effectively support diverse populations with a variety of needs.

Svetlana joined CATA in in 2013 and has since expanded her role to include, team management, supervising CATA's Arts Therapists and delivering industry compliant services to all programs and compliance to all relevant aspects of service delivery. 

"I aspire to create safe therapeutic spaces that cultivate growth, empathic witnessing and unconditional positive regard. Through creative exploration, all vulnerabilities are welcomed, accepted and given the opportunity to be expressed."