George Donikian


The television veteran was born and raised in Sydney.

His television career began in a hurry in 1980, when legendary TV man Bruce Gyngell installed him as the face of multiculturalism, on what was to become Australia’s revolutionary Channel O, which evolved into SBS.

As the founding anchor, George ‘fronted’ the much-acclaimed World News Service in Melbourne and Sydney, and then across the nation as the SBS brand spread its influence.

In late 1988 joined the number 1 rating Nine Network, which gave him the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in television, including the legendary Graham Kennedy on the top rating Tonight Show, Coast to Coast.

George also featured on the Today Show, Nine National News, and the Wide World of Sports & Sports Sunday.  Over the years George has hosted Talkback radio in 3 cities, Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne.

His sporting CV includes working on the State of Origin Rugby League series, as well as the Test Series between England and Australia in 1988.

Between 1990 and 2011 George worked on; Soccer’s World Cup in Italy, for both the Nine Network and Sydney commercial radio, joined Network 10, moved to Melbourne to present Ten News, George called the international Football competition at the MCG during the Sydney Olympics and Rugby Union World Cup and at the end of 2011, George left Ten News, to set up Donikian Media.

Currently Chair of FNR (A revolutionary Streaming Radio platform, for Football Nation Radio)

George holds a number of Ambassadorial positions for organizations like BullyZero Australia, Carlton FC, Melbourne City FC & the Australian Intercultural Society.

For George Donikian 2020, will mark 45 continuous years in the media and the beginning of his Patron vocation with Creative Art Therapy Australia.

"I have always managed to think outside the square and challenged convention, which explains why I chose to support CATA.

I believe we must always review the things we do or have done in our lives, especially post COVID-19.

Among those things, is the way we think and the way we choose to solve problems.

CATA is one such organization, it’s a pioneer and its counselors aim to look at dealing with unique challenges… in a quite different way.

They look at whether Creative Art Therapy… can assist in the lives of vulnerable children, who are going through the most difficult of times.

And they make sure they are with them throughout that journey every step of the way.

I also admire the Board members, who strive to make sure that Creative Art Therapy, continues to evolve and develop new strategies for the children who need it most."