Creative Art Therapy has enabled epiphanies for me in EVERY session. I walk away feeling like I have made progress that is measurable and quantifiable but most importantly, I am able to articulate, understand and express it! It is like taking the bullet/express train to my destination rather than the slow train that stops at every station.

I am able to live through this pandemic and the challenges it has brought to my home in my relationship with my children and in my marriage, in my ability to feel like an efficient and good mother in a way that I can heal and function better exponentially with every session.

I am blessed. I am healing. I am empowered. Thank you CATA!

What is Creative Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy with an understanding of the psychological aspects of the creative process and is recognised as part of the mental health profession. Qualified Art Therapists purposefully incorporate multiple creative modalities tailored to key issues, including past traumas, emotional conflicts, substance abuse, disabilities, PTSD, and so on. Art Therapy sessions improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.  

The process of Art Therapy makes for more effective intervention in addressing psychological trauma than strictly verbal approaches. Individuals validate self-expression through tactile, experiential and visual exchanges, not just verbal communication between client and Art Therapist.

You don’t need to be talented or an artist to receive the benefits of Art Therapy.



CATA and the Person Centred Approach


A person centred approach ensures that people braving adversity are always supported in a respectful and dignified way. They are valued and listened to without judgement, no matter what their circumstance. For a person to grow, they need an environment that provides them with authenticity, acceptance and empathy.

Essentially, a person centred approach is about seeing the person as an individual rather than their trauma or adverse experience. At CATA, our Art Therapists approach each person across all our programs in this way. We work with a people not patients, focusing on their strengths, values, beliefs and uniqueness.

The person centred philosophy:

  • Promotes a warm, permissive and non-judgemental atmosphere
  • Encourages individual participation and choice
  • Respects cultural differences
  • Welcomes difficult emotions and feelings
  • Addresses challenges in a safe way
  • Always inclusive
  • Sees the person, not the condition or trauma



“The individual has with themselves vast resources for self understanding,

for altering their self concept, attitudes and self directed behaviour”   

Carl Rogers



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