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Group Arts Therapy- A Powerful Way to Create Heal Thrive 

Our CATA HQ is the culmination of many years’ worth of work to find and create a space that not only accommodates individual clients but also allows room for a range of groups to be run within an Arts Therapy context. This is a really exciting time, and we are proud to announce that there is a range of group Art Therapy programs now available for 2022! 

We are currently running the following group programs: 

  • Parents and Bubs Group 
  • Men’s Group 
  • Women's Group
  • Art Therapy Supervision (ANZACATA registered) 

In the future, CATA is looking to run group programs for Aged Care, LGBTQIA+, Refugees, and more. Keep a look out on our website or drop into HQ and see what’s happening. 

Groupwork can provide quite a different experience from individual therapy and is beneficial for people who are experiencing Mental Health challenges, as well as those just wanting to get together and be creative in a friendly, supportive, social environment.  

Some Benefits of Group Arts Therapy: 

  • Builds community connection and a social experience – reducing feelings of isolation 
  • Provides a safe space for people with similar experiences to support each other 
  • Learning from the collective experience and shared stories. Group dynamics can play an important part in the healing process. 
  • Helps develop interpersonal skills, as well as social learning and cooperation 
  • Reduces session cost if someone cannot afford individual therapy 

The way CATA’s group programs are run is diverse. Arts Therapists spend hours preparing for these sessions, to ensure that they are inclusive and creative. They allow for personal self-exploration, emotional expression, and creative play.  

Sessions may include but are not limited to painting, sculpting, drawing, collage, textiles, sensory activities, role-playing, and movement-based activities. No previous art-making experience is necessary, just a willingness and an open mind!   

If you are interested in partaking in any upcoming CATA group Arts Therapy programs (or to make other related enquiries) please contact to find out more.  

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