The Art Cabriolet



Art Therapy Re-imagined

The COVID 19 restrictions cannot hold CATA away from working with the children at the hospice! CATA has shifted it's hospice program outdoors.  

All we need are window markers, a creative CATA team and keen children!  The children are loving it….. and so are the adults!!

Our talented and enthusiastic CATA team are bringing joy and laughter to the children, reading poetry from Roald Dahl's Dirty Beasts, a tale of a small person living inside a boy's tummy demanding all sorts of treats.  While the story is recited, images appear on the glass wall dividing the children and our amazing team!  Dr Suess's Yertle The Turtle, full of theatrics and visual images of his kingdom and his misuse of power.

The children kicked their legs about in excitement. We danced.  We drew.  We sang.  We dressed up.  We played instruments and moved and grooved to Katy Perry, Fireworks!


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