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Win for Creative Arts Therapy in Victoria's Mental Health Act after Royal Commission findings.

Last year CATA joined forces with the ACTivate Art Therapy campaign to petition for changes in the outdated 2014 Mental Health Act that excluded Creative Art Therapy from their definition and recognition as a Mental Health profession.

Yesterday was a huge win and history in the making as the Royal Commission acknowledged Creative Art Therapy and other holistic and diverse services to help support the Mental Health of Victorians. The 62 recommendations will ensure that there are a wide range of safe and high-quality Mental Health and Wellbeing services available to those who need support.

Some of the Royal Commission recommendations to government include:

  • Ensuring that Mental Health and Wellbeing services are delivered by a diverse, multidisciplinary mental health and well-being workforce
  • Integrative care for Youth living with mental illness and addiction with a range of treatments and therapies, including trauma-informed therapies, arts and creative therapies
  • Giving people more choice in how they manage their mental health care
  • The inclusion and recognition of Creative Art Therapy as a profession in Victoria's Mental Health Workforce


The CATA team are celebrating the win, even dancing in the office, as this means that many more doors will open for our programs and there will be more funding opportunities. This also means more jobs for our growing team of Art Therapists. But most importantly it means more Creative Art Therapy services for YOU and our community.



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