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Victorian Mental Health Crisis and the role CATA can play.

Creative Art Therapy Australia acknowledges the overwhelming and catastrophic impact COVID-19 has placed on the Mental Health of Australians and the enormous pressure it has placed on the Mental Healthcare system, especially within Victoria.

Mental Health management has reached a crisis point with Australians facing; isolation, job loss, fear for loved ones, anticipated economic recession, anxiety, depression and drastic changes in civil liberties.

While Mental Health services have received a funding boost there remains a significant need in our community to provide immediate assistance to those finding it difficult to navigate through the fallout from COVID-19. Professional Art Therapy is currently an untapped resource that can assist in relieving the burden that faces the health care system and people struggling throughout this pandemic.  A fundamental strength of Art Therapy is that it responds to the needs of each person rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

COVID-19 has unleashed trauma across Australia & CATA is acting NOW.

To play our part in assisting ANY Australian during our Nation’s shortage in access and delivery of Mental Health care, CATA has moved its face to face services to Technology-Enabled Health - providing FREE online Creative Art Therapy services to all Australians.

Technology Enabled Health has provided an efficient and practical means for CATA’s Art Therapists to work with people in all communities. Our free Online Creative Art therapy solution provides a much-needed service to those struggling to cope with disease outbreaks, anxiety, panic, depression, anger, confusion, uncertainty, financial hardship, isolation, self-harm and harmful thoughts.

CATA is backed by years of experience as well as qualitative and quantitative data demonstrating the positive and life changing contribution Art Therapies has on people and their Mental Health.  Our teams are ready to explore one on one or group sessions with people of all ages using our qualified practising Art Therapists. 

Professional Art Therapists are trained at Master's level, applying visual arts, digital space and other creative practices in their counselling. The creative art element, delivered through counselling, makes it a unique and alternative platform of communication from traditional talk therapy. Art processes are easily developed online using basic household items. 

 ALL COVID-19 guidelines, policies, processes and procedures issued by State Government and Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA) have been employed by CATA for this service.

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