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Primary School Children Ages 6-12

When:    2nd / 4th / 9th / 11th April 2024 

Where:   CATA HQ, 135 Station Street & Fairfield Community Centre, 84 Arthur St, Fairfield VIC 3078

Time: 10am-2pm

Inclusive of 3 Creative Arts Workshops, games, and rest and restore

Spaces are limited (max 10 per workshop)

Registration Closes Thursday 28th April


Workshop Code: SHPT3

Join in on our Outer Space School Holiday Program offering Creative Art Workshops for children aged six to twelve.

Sparking imagination and fostering emotional expression, we create a safe space where children can explore, create, and thrive.

All participants will be welcomed into the space by CATA's Creative Arts team and supported with warm-up games and orientation.


What to Expect:

A galaxy-themed incursion for primary school students offers a captivating journey through the wonders of the Universe, igniting the children’s curiosity and expanding their understanding of the space beyond our planet. This can be both educational and immensely enjoyable providing an interactive experience that blends learning with play.

To introduce primary school students to the basics of astronomy, the solar system, and the universe in an engaging and interactive manner.

This program a unique and immersive learning experience that extends beyond fun, play and gaining knowledge. It provides therapeutic benefits across various domains of a child's development. This multimodal approach harnesses the child’s curiosity about space to engage students emotionally, cognitively, and physically, promoting overall well-being and growth.

It nurtures emotional well-being by fostering a sense of wonder, creativity, and accomplishment. Cognitively, it stimulates curiosity, critical thinking, and learning through immersive experiences. Interactive and movement-based activities promote health, coordination, and balance incorporates the Physical well-being.

Collectively, these benefits contribute to the development of well-rounded, resilient, and inquisitive students, eager to explore the vast universe of knowledge and possibilities.


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