The Art Cabriolet


It’s never an easy moment to come into the space of a dying child, yet it is a space I step into willing and with reverence. Bringing creative art therapy to a child who is end of life and their family is akin to an offering. An offering of normalcy in a time that is completely and utterly unfathomable. I don’t offer a treatment for the condition, and I can’t give them a cure.  What I can do is invite a celebration of a life, encourage a handful of new memories that can be carried forward beyond the medical routines that have become a part of their daily lives. I walk in not only with paints and brushes, but with love, acceptance and mindful compassion.


The children that I have been so blessed to work with have been my teachers. We have connected through the landscape beyond language. CATA-Heart is about stories; stories of individuals who have changed us and taught us. It is here that you will find authentic and respectful connections with children, adolescents and adults. I look forward to sharing these stories.


Svetlana Bykovec

CATA Art Therapist