The Art Cabriolet



The unique images on each cards have been created within one of our creative art therapy programs by an Art Cabriolet child/adolescent.

These moments are shared with you as a testament to our belief that trauma should not define a child’s future.

Each card displays an artwork that has developed overtime with our art therapists working with children/adolescents from Very Special Kids, Monash Cancer Centre and VACRO.

Details: 10 cards & envelopes presented in an Art Cabriolet plywood box.

Cost: $35 per box of cards + postage (please contact the Art Cabriolet for more information





These unique, one of a kind, items have been created during one of our creative art therapy sessions between our professional Art Therapist and an Art Cabriolet child.

The art work created reflects the full range of emotions experienced during one of these sessions.

Details: Sold in lots of 4.

Purchase Price: $10 per bookmark.

The Art Cabriolet would like to thank you, your purchase ensures the support of our art therapists and the continuation of our programs.