"In working with Creative Art Therapy Australia and observing the creation of legacy art for several families can be really sad and challenging times. But I have been a witness to the beauty that art therapy and memory making can create. The CATA art therapists have a beautiful gentle ability to encourage a family to tell their story and that of their child and to help them create an artwork which is beautiful and so meaningful. In their bereavement, families have been in awe when their legacy piece has arrived and have spoken of just how much the piece speaks of their child and of the joy that creating the art gave them in the final weeks, days or hours of their child’s life."

                                                                   - Family Support Worker (Very Special Kids)

"I would overhear them talking to the others at afternoon tea with a sense of achievement and happily talking about what they have been doing. Both times they have been late to pack up and go to afternoon tea which almost never happens! They have told me how much they enjoyed it and ask when Svetlana is coming back. One resident who doesn’t think she isn’t very good wasn’t going to come the second time but had a smile on her face when she had finished her painting"

                                                                    - Aged Care Diversional Therapist

"I think they (Art Therapists) are doctors. When I first sat down, I felt so terrible and unwell. Now look at me. I am feeling so good and happy. This was a wonderful hour and I am looking forward to the next time"

                                                                    - Dawne, Aged Care Resident (85 years old)


"CATA you have been a heaven sent.  You have put a spark in my daughter’s eyes again.  We haven’t seen her smile like this for last 5 years. Thank you."  

                                                                     - Mother of child with prosthetic limb and end of life

"It is such a relief and a joy to see him achieve and create unique art pieces with a big grin on his face. He is much more focused, calm and he is totally proud of the colourful marks he makes on the canvas.

                                                                     - Mother of child with chronic condition and disability

 “I presented the legacy piece to the family it brought some tears to the parents but in a positive way. I know they were going through a particularly challenging time and certainly seeing her hand print and foot print enmeshed with everyone in the family was bittersweet in so many ways and they fear they may have forgotten about her. The legacy piece was certainly presented timely to help them remember her.”

                                                                       - End Of Life, family support practitioner

"As art therapist painted alongside her, Ruby began speaking of how her sister was sick again. The art therapist asked how this made her feel, she answered, I feel sad. She continued painting then said, no not sad, I feel scared. The art therapist asked Ruby to paint something to help the “scared” feeling. She drew flowers and sprinkled glitter. She then stated, I don’t feel as scared anymore but I am still a bit sad"

                                                                         - Ruby aged 5 (bereaved sibling)

"The painting that we created as a family now hangs on a wall in his bedroom. I often find myself staring at it and thinking about the good times we shared during such a dark time. While the pain of his loss will stay with us, so will the joyful memories that CATA helped to create."

                                                                          - Mihajlovic Family (bereaved family)