Art Therapy students are supported by CATA in their learning to develop a strong link between theory and practical knowledge. CATA offers students a varied face to face art therapy focused experience under the supervision of a qualified Art Therapist to prepare them for their career in the profession. CATA also provides regular supervision sessions and debriefing.

CATA is committed to providing a supportive, educative and positive environment for all students throughout the entirety of a students’ journey with us.

For Art Therapy students interested in placement or volunteering with CATA, please fill out the inquiry form below to arrange an interview.

My placement with the team at Creative Art Therapy Australia allowed me to put theory into practice, to grow and develop as an art therapist with new ideas, confidence in my own abilities and learning to trust my own intuitive style. CATA's principal Art Therapist brings so much energy and passion into her role when supporting others.
- IKON 3rd year student

My student placement with CATA with at a children's hospice gave me a wonderful opportunity to work directly with chronically ill and disabled children and their siblings. I received much guidance and support from CATA's principal Art Therapist, as well as encouragement and space to bring my own creative ideas to the children.
- MIECAT Masters student
CATA Online Student Clinic

In order to give our students more experience of facilitating Art Therapy sessions, we have set up an online student clinic under the supervision and guidance of CATA's principal Art Therapist & Art Therapy Supervisor. This gives the students an opportunity to plan and facilitate their own sessions and fine tune their therapeutic skills. It is also an opportunity for the public to try Art Therapy at a reduced cost and in the convenience of their home. Proceeds of these sessions are used to help support ongoing or new CATA programs.

COST:  $35.00 per person / per session


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