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Somatic Based Creative Arts Therapies for Trauma.

Trauma is a unique experience that no two people will experience exactly the same. For every person their situation is different, as is their response to adverse events and traumatic experiences. How people are affected by their traumatic experiences varies, some have the capacity, skills and resources to move on with their lives. While, for others their emotional pain and traumatic memories will continue to be held in their mind and body in response to their stressful, traumatic experiences. Research into understanding more about the physical and psychological responses to trauma identified how trauma is stored in the body through our somatic memory and stays in our nervous system and brain. Somatic based approaches integrate the principles of somatic experiencing with the expressive power of creative arts therapies to promote self-discovery and healing.


Somatic psychotherapy involves the interaction of the mind, body, and emotions. There is extensive research about the multi-sensory nature of trauma informed therapeutic applications using creative art therapies and the effectiveness of incorporating somatic based approaches. Sensory-based modalities are proven to be effective when working with the neurobiological and relational consequences of a person’s lived experience of trauma. Somatic based therapeutic approaches soothe and settle the nervous system, create self-awareness and support the non-verbal externalising of inner experiences through the creative process. The self-soothing nature of creative art therapies can effectively address somatic reactions, alleviate pain, promote mind/body integration, emotional healing and wellbeing. 



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