Corporate Team Work and Development


Creative Art Therapy workshops are tailored to promote team building and team development within the corporate sector. 

The increasing complexities and competition in the corporate sector can result in high stress levels and anxiety among co-workers and executives.  Designing strategies for corporate teams to strike a perfect balance between work and home and reduce stress is a major challenge for organisations today.

CATA workshops create non-judgemental, fun and stress free environment to promote optimal mindsets and well-being in both the workplace and beyond. Art Therapy would not only assist in the management of stress and build teams by introducing tools to create a healthy work environment.  The benefits do not end here; rather extend to facilitating smooth communication and fostering creativity, production and innovation within the organisation.  Today, the business environment is recognised to be filled with ongoing challenges and Art Therapy is a way out to refresh, relieve and motivate.

  • Strong focus on group dynamics
  • Team building outcomes include leadership and trust
  • Learn more about your colleagues and different personality types
  • Open up lines of communication
  • Boost morale
  • Develop relationships for team bonding