Caroline Eshak-Liuzzi

CEO & Founder | Drama Therapist

With a steadfast commitment spanning over 14 years, Caroline Eshak-Liuzzi is dedicated to Creative Art Therapy and therapeutic programs in support of people living with trauma or adverse experience.  At the core of Caroline's ethos is that every session, every program, reflects her principle of seeing and valuing the individual, ensuring they truly feel seen and heard.

One of the most poignant areas of her work centres on children and families living with the overwhelming challenges of palliative care. Facing profound emotions with grief, loss, and death she extends her expertise, serving end-of-life children, siblings, families and friendship circles.  Understanding the diverse needs of today's world, Caroline offers face-to-face sessions or an online engagement.  In her extensive practice, Caroline has delved deep into brief therapy, bereavement, mortality, intervention for men’s groups and the elderly with an informed, sensitive approach.  Caroline's commitment also extends to the front lines, aiding communities across Australia in the wake of disasters. In these moments of upheaval, her trauma-informed care becomes essential, guiding communities as they navigate disaster relief and recovery through therapeutic interventions.


Behind her compassionate service stands a solid educational foundation. Caroline is equipped with a Masters in Creative Art Therapy, a Masters in Architectural Planning, and a Bachelor of Architecture and Planning.