Caroline Eshak-Liuzzi

CEO & Co Founder

Caroline Eshak Liuzzi has advocated for Victoria's mental health reform in the past few years. Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Caroline actively engaged with the Victorian Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health Crisis, advocating for vital amendments to the Mental Health Act. Her primary focus has been the development of a holistic system that emphasises compassion, support, and the safety of those accessing Mental Health Care.  In July 2020, Caroline, alongside the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum (ANVAM), championed a change in the 2014 Mental Health Act, seeking to expand the definition of a Mental Health Practitioner, emphasising the inclusion of Creative Arts Therapists.

Through collaboration, she has strategically aligned Creative Art Therapy Australia to serve the evolving needs of Victoria's NDIS, aged care sectors, and local communities, building on Caroline's vision to create the first leading centre of excellence in mental health in Australia. Central to this vision is the role of Creative Arts Therapists providing core services in dramatherapy, dance and movement therapy, music therapy and creative arts therapies where solution focussed, trauma-informed and participant-centred services target the needs of both individuals and larger communities. Creative Art Therapy Australia is positioned to be an industry leader providing highest industry standards in mental health care that ensures inclusivity and sensitivity to the cultural nuances of all Australians.