The Art Cabriolet


Welcome to CATA HeART. We have finally landed after 10 years of heart, passion and championing for art therapy in Australia. Our rebrand is strong and we have adopted the hero’s journey squiggle. For those who are not familiar with Joseph Campbell’s concept, the hero’s journey is a metaphor for the psychological adversities and transformations we all endure throughout our lives.  The heroes/heroines venture out in search of what they need, face conflict, and ultimately triumph over adversity. So much of this storyline is attuned to the work we do alongside individuals supporting them through creative art therapy.

CATA HeART intends to capture real stories of the people and moments that highlight the creative art therapy process and profession. From CATA art therapists to volunteers, to creative art therapists from the wider community. Our vision is to create a CAT community hub where we can all share and learn from one another. Whether you are an established art therapist, studying art therapy or curious about art therapy, this is our invitation to you to become involved in the conversation.