The Art Cabriolet


Did you know that we work with Artisans as well as Art Therapists?


Our collaboration with Sony Foundation is a great example of working with artists and communities to enrich and enable young children with disability to engage and connect.  Victorian schools partnered with Sony Foundation engage CATA to provide Art Therapy for these children living with a disability.  CATA Artisans include accomplished public muralists and established local artists.  The CATA Artisans dedicate their time, knowledge and passion to work with our Art Therapists in our “Colour me upside down” program for Sony Foundation.  


This program is designed for children and adolescents with chronic illness, life threatening illness, autism, learning disability, physical disability, deafness and or blindness.  These children are otherwise known as campers, as they camp in boarding houses on school grounds during their stay.  Companions, usually year 11 and 12 students, look after campers for the entire stay.  During this respite, CATA Artisans and volunteers, under the guidance of Art Therapists, work with both companions and campers to engage positive experiences between the two.